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Would You Be Mentioned? (Romans 16)

The final chapter in Romans consists of Paul commending many of his fellow laborers in the Body of Christ. He began by acknowledging a woman by the name of Phoebe. He stated that she had been a help to many believers and that the Roman Church should receive her and help her as needed.

Although this is a slight detour in the subject at hand, I'd like to briefly state that the first verse of this chapter illustrates that Paul was not a hater of women as some people may assume. The first individual he recognized was a woman, and he commended a few more women in this chapter as well. He never thought less of women.

Paul was an Apostle called by God while on the road to Damascus by Jesus Christ himself. He is a man who was caught up to the third heaven and witnessed divine things that our minds cannot understand (2 Corinthians 12:2-4). Paul's appreciation and support of women is evident in Romans 16 and God's support of him is evident by the power that flowed mightily through him. Although Paul acknowledged others in this final chapter, I thought it proper etiquette if I acknowledged him and his service to believers both then and now despite some people's view of him.

Paul continued his letter and acknowledged many other believers and their services to God and God's people. A married couple, Priscilla and Aquila, were commended for their work and how they opened their home for fellowship and worship. In addition to Acts 2, this is an example that shows how close-knitted the early believers were. Love was shown by action, and unity was illustrated by their close proximity. Believers today would do well to observe and imitate how these believers acted out their faith in their daily lives.

Several other believers were commended in this chapter. Further research suggests that the people Paul acknowledged were from various cultural, economic, and social backgrounds. They were Jews, Gentiles, free citizens, prisoners, men, women and more. The Body of Christ was diverse then just as it is now, and Paul recognized many who aided him and the church regardless of their differences. Again, this is something that all believers today should take note of.

The unity in this group of believers was evident and Paul wanted them to be mindful of people who caused division and offenses contrary to doctrine. He stated that these people do not serve Jesus but themselves. May we remember to serve God and others, and may we remember to stay together in love and unity.

Romans 16 is a wonderful text that commemorates many believers' work in the Kingdom of God. It is a beautiful thing that Paul took time to acknowledge them and their work. When I read this scripture, I envisioned just how great these people were and how proud God must've been of them for their services. But it also made me think about my service and it should make you think about your service as well.

If there was a letter written today commending believers for their faith and service, would you be mentioned? Would you be acknowledged for your work, love, or service in God's church? Because technically speaking, there is something being written about you and about me, and it is much more important than a letter. A book with record of all our deeds, good or bad, is being written about us, and that book is called The Book of Life.

Will you be acknowledged in that book? Will God say "well done" to us because of our faith and works? Will God mention us at the end of time for our good works? Or will he proclaim to not know us and command us to depart from his presence?

It is my sincere prayer that we will be mentioned, acknowledged, and known by God for our faith and excellent work. While we still have time, let's submit ourselves to God and complete the work God has assigned for us. I pray that this message has blessed, edified, and encouraged you. May God bless you and keep you.


Quin Arrington is a Christian wife, mother, and author with books available on Amazon at

Thank you for your time. God Bless!

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