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Christian Blog 

Written by, Quin Arrington 

Welcome to Now, That's A Word!, where we aim to inspire and uplift our readers through biblical references and everyday life occurrences. Take a stroll through our blog and be encouraged! It is our prayer that after each post you read you whisper to yourself or say out loud, "Now, That's A Word!"

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Books by Quin 

Why Hello! Thanks for checking out the website. I pray that you are edified, inspired, and uplifted. Since I have your attention, I'd have know that I am also an author!

I have two nonfiction books, "And Then You Shall Have Good Success" and "A Spacious Place", as well as one fictional book entitled, "According to the Power." 

If you like the articles, you'll love the books! I truly believe if you purchase them, they will bless you. Either way, thank you for visiting the site. Have an amazing day!

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