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God Cares

Sunday morning as I laid in bed, I began to think about some of the highlights of my life. One of those moments was marrying my husband, Barry. Although we were officially married in October 2014, our wedding date was May 16, 2015. We had such a joyous time celebrating our union with family and friends. It's a day I'll never forget.

And although it had taken a backseat in my memory bank, May 15th of that year, the day before our wedding, is also a day that I remember... though not as fondly ...

That Friday morning, my mom and I, along with several family members, gathered at the venue to decorate the wedding reception. I was excited! I'd spent the previous year buying linens, vases, and artificial flowers to beautify the space to our liking. Turquoise and chocolate. Those were our colors. And I couldn't wait to adorn the banquet room with its vast dancefloor and hanging chandelier with my decorative vision.

However, that almost didn't happen. My husband is a veteran, so we chose to have our wedding reception on the military base. The place was beautiful, and the price was right. We'd paid our money and assumed everything was on track for an awesome celebration. But something went amiss the week before the wedding.

If my memory is correct, we apparently failed to sign and submit paperwork by a deadline. We had made all of our payments and had already agreed on specifications for the day. I assumed everything was good to go. But there was a clause on the venue contract that wasn't explained to me, and I had overlooked the deadline on the contract. This error and miscommunication almost ruined our entire wedding day.

I remember speaking on the phone with the sweet woman who worked for the venue. While she was sympathetic, she was also very honest. And the truth was, although we had paid all of our money, although we had sent invitations to close family and friends near and far, and although we had anticipated that day for almost an entire year, the truth was ... our big day was on the cusp of being cancelled.

I was, quite obviously, distraught. I blinked back tears and attempted to bury my anger as both the woman and I tried to reach a solution. But rules were rules, and she simply could not guarantee that the higher ups would allow the wedding reception to occur. I called my husband and cried. I didn't know what to do. What could we do? If a Military Base decides to cancel your event, what exactly can you do?

Well, when in trouble, one can always pray. And although I wasn't anywhere near as committed to God then as I am now, I knew to pray. And pray, I did.

Now, let me show you how intentional God is. Let me display to you that before you utter a problem to God, an answer has been provided. During this time, my husband worked for a moving company. and when I called him franticly, he was in the company's moving truck enroute to a job with a couple other employees.

One of those employees overheard our conversation. They heard of how our big day was on the verge of cancellation. And this young man who overheard our conversation just so happened to be the son of a high-ranking military officer. An officer whose title was high enough to overrule our failure to submit paperwork by a particular deadline.

And just like that, the issue was resolved. Admittedly, we did face one more obstacle. When my family had I arrived to decorate the place, I assumed everything had already been worked out with the venue. But when we attempted to get on base, the guarding military personnel vehemently denied our access.

When I stated our reasoning for being there, he quite flippantly, rudely, and dominantly stated, "Oh, that ain't gonna happen." I stood there shocked ... mouth likely wide open in appall. I was unable to gather words for this militant man's defensive words and threatening armor. He spoke with authority, and I knew from his tone and demeanor that there was nothing I could do to change his mind.

But before I had a chance to respond, another tall, kind-spirited militant man opened a door to my left. Though I don't remember his words verbatim, He asked, "Are you from the Bibb-Arrington party?" To which I replied, "Yes".

This man also spoke with authority, more authority than the man who denied us access. He was, of course, the father of my husband's coworker. Strategically there to save the day through God's grace and mercy. He ushered me and my mother into the room, offered light banter to lighten our spirits, and eventually granted us access to the venue after wishing us well.

Now, why am I writing this to you on this year's Valentine's Day?

Well, it's a fitting theme for one. But most importantly because it shows that God cares. As stated earlier, by May 2015, my husband and I were already married. The looming threat of our wedding day being canceled had no effect on our joining as one. We were already one.

But God knew our heart's desire. He saw that we had highly anticipated our wedding day. How we had invested our time, money, and energy into this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. And God thought enough of our concerns to ensure that we had the day we truly wanted. God cared about this little Southern girl's wedding day. He cared about our celebration of love.

God cared.

And I think maybe you need to hear that today. God cares. He knows what you are facing. He sees what you are going through. And although you might not believe it, God cares. It's easy to think that God doesn't care about what we may care about.

I can see God intervening for us if our issue would have deterred our marriage. Marriage is honorable. It is godly. So, I could see God stepping in for that. But for a celebration? Just so that we may dress nice, dance, and eat cake? God would step in for something like that?

Well, of course He would. I've heard of Him doing things that appear insignificant, and I've heard of Him doing the greatest of the greatest things. And He does it all simply because He cares.

Whatever lies in your heart today, give it to Him. Let God show you that He hears you, and that He will answer according to His perfect plan. He loves you. He already sent his Son for you. The hardest work is completed. So, your request can be completed too.

Remember, God cares. He's waiting to hear from you each and every day. Give it all to Him and wait patiently for perfection to unfold. I pray this message has blessed you. Have a wonderful day and week. Until next time, take care.


Quin Arrington is a wife, mother, and author with books available on Amazon at

Thank you for your time and attention. God bless!

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