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There Goes God

This’ll be brief. In and out today, guys. But I have to pop in to point out what made my ears perk up last week. I was listening to The Book of Genesis on the audio Bible when I heard something that made me say, “Say what now?”

We know the story. Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden. All was well and blissful until the serpent came along and tricked Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. Adam joins in on the treachery, and down goes mankind.

They were banished from God and kicked out of Eden … but before God kicked them out, He did something for them. And this is what made my ears perk up.

Unto Adam also and to his wife did the Lord God make coats of skins and clothed them.

(Genesis 3:21 KJV)

I don’t know why, but I assumed Adam and Eve created their own garments. I mean, I think it would’ve been fair, right? They betrayed God, so they should’ve made their own little clothes, packed their own stuff, and walked their little trifling selves right on out of Eden.

Yet, God made clothes for them. Although they were being punished for their sins and rightfully so kicked out of Eden, God made clothes for them.

If nothing else, this perfectly illustrates God’s provision even when we aren’t aligned with His commandments or will. I think about all the times I willingly sinned against God, but He still clothed me. I think about all the times I ignored God’s commands but there was still a hedge of protection around me.

Adam and Eve didn’t deserve those clothes any more than we deserve God’s grace or salvation. You and I are just as trifling as they were. But yet, there goes God… providing, protecting, and loving us in spite of us. There goes God forgiving, holding, and preserving us in the midst of our betrayal towards Him. There goes God doing only what a God made of love would do.

But ain’t that just like God as the songstress sang? Because while we were yet sinners, Christ showed His love toward us by dying for us. If He died for us while were sinners, it’s only logical to believe that He would provide for us and protect us while we are in sin as well. I am a living witness, as are you…

How beautiful is our God that He would do that for us? Of course, this is no excuse to continue to live in sin. For is it appointed for a man to die once and then comes the judgement (Hebrews 9:27). But to know that even when we fall, God is there to aid us, is simply more than anyone can ask for.

Thank God today for His mercy. Thank God today for His grace. Thank God today for His love. You and I both know we don’t deserve it, but there goes God giving us just one more day to get it right. There goes God giving me another week to write and you another week to read. There goes God … showing grace where there should be none. There goes God … just being God again.

You ought to praise Him today and forever more! Because there goes God … there He goes.

That’s all I have for you today guys. Have a blessed and wonderful week! Lord’s will, I’ll see you next Wednesday.


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Amen! You did it again 👏🏽 🙌🏾 ❤️ all I can say is BUT GOD! I thank Him for His grace and mercy knowing that I don't deserve it. Thank you again sis.

Quin. A
Quin. A

All praises to God! 🙌🏾 Thank you for reading 💜 and it's my pleasure.

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