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Roll Over Like a Dog


That's all I could think to say after gaining a deeper understanding of a verse I thought I understood well. Psalm 37:5 says, "Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him and he will do this." The 'this' is the desires of your heart as stated in verse 4. We are to delight in the Lord and to commit our ways to Him to see things come to pass.

And I thought I knew what God meant by telling us to commit our ways to Him ... but I didn't. My revelation began when I looked up the Hebrew meaning of the word "commit". It means to roll.

"To roll?" I thought to myself. That meaning didn't make sense to me. So, I kept researching to gain an understanding. I stumbled across an article written by Jeff A. Benner on the Ancient Hebrew Research Center website ( Towards the latter part of his writing, Mr. Benner makes the correlation between "to roll" to the rolling over as a dog.

"Roll over like a dog?" I thought in even more confusion. My eyes drifted away towards the ceiling. I began to think about dogs and how they roll over for a belly rub. They do so in excitement. They do so in trust. I researched more. I looked into dogs rolling over.

I discovered that it isn't a light thing when dogs decide to roll. When a dog rolls over, their vital organs are exposed. In nature, a dog is not likely to do this because it would make them susceptible to attacks from predators. Rolling over makes them defenseless. Rolling over makes them vulnerable. Yet, when a dog rolls over for their owner, they are excited in their vulnerability.

Dogs roll over in delight. They trust their owners so much, that though they are exposed to danger, they feel secure. They feel safe. They feel loved. They roll over in trust. When a dog rolls over, it is a complete and utter surrender to the one they trust and delight in.

This is what it means to commit our ways to God. We want the desires of our hearts to become a reality. We want God to bring it to pass... and God said He would do it... if we commit our ways to Him. If you "roll over" to Him, if you delight in Him, He will do it.

Roll over like a dog! Though surrendering may leave you feeling exposed and vulnerable, trust in the Lord. Roll over to God. But don't roll over in fear. Don't roll over attempting to protect what you deem as vital organs in your life. No ... that's not what a dog does.

A dog does not concern itself with protecting its sensitive underbelly. It does not roll over in fear. It rolls over in excitement. "Delight in the Lord" is what the text says. "Commit your ways to Him," says the scripture. Again, I say, roll over!

Be submissive to God. Obey His commands as He gives them. Trust Him in your vulnerability. Delight in Him, even when you feel exposed. God is not for your demise. He is for your good. Roll over unto Him, and He will do it.

That's all I have for you today. Be blessed and have a great week! If it's the Lord's will, I'll see you next week.


Quin Arrington is a Christian Writer and Author with books available for purchase on Amazon at

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