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Pondered and Treasured

There are times when we should just pause and ponder. Reflect. Keep certain things locked in our hearts. I was reading Luke 2 and twice in the same chapter, Mary the birth mother of Jesus, reflected on an event(s) and held it in her heart.

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.

(Luke 2:19 NIV)

… But his mother treasured all these things in her heart.

(Luke 2:51 NIV)

In the first event, Mary had just given birth to Jesus. He was wrapped in clothing and placed in a manger. An angel was dispatched to announce the birth of the world’s Savior to a few shepherds in a nearby field. The angel informed them on where to find Jesus and the sign to look for as confirmation that they had found the Messiah.

When they arrived in Bethlehem and discovered everything the angel told them was true, they went about spreading the news. Everyone who heard word about Baby Jesus was amazed. Mary was already informed that her son was special. She too had a visit from an angel who told her that her son would be named Jesus and that He would be the Son of God. Yet, when the miraculous news was spread after she birthed Jesus, she treasured and pondered the matter in her heart.

The next incident is when Jesus was 12 years old. Mary and Joseph traveled to Jerusalem in the company of many for the Passover. On their way back, they discovered Jesus was not with them. They became frantic and doubled back to search for Him. When they found Him, He was sitting amongst teachers in the temple asking and answering questions. Everyone, including Mary and Joseph, were astounded by His answers and wisdom.

When Mary asked Jesus why He nearly gave her a heart attack from panicking about His whereabouts, Jesus asked her a question. He said, “Don’t you know I have to be about my Father’s business?” Yet, the following verse said that they did not understand what Jesus was saying to them. The verse after that verse is where we see Mary once again treasuring the matter in her heart.

Mary knew beforehand exactly who Jesus was going to be. Yet, when confirmation of who He was came to past, she had to ponder them in her heart. I think sometimes we hear God, but we don’t have the capacity to fully take in what He said. There shouldn’t have been a misunderstanding of what Jesus meant when He said I have to be about my Father’s business. When the shepherds spread the news to others, it shouldn’t have been a surprise.

Yet, Mary had to ponder and treasure these things in her heart. When God confirms, it can be overwhelming. Seeing God reveal things to us can cause us to reflect. It makes us think about just how authoritative He is. It makes us ponder on how great He is. It makes us treasure in our hearts just how honest and trustworthy He truly is.

The impossible was revealing itself to be possible all around Mary. She gave birth to a son, though she was a virgin. Her older cousin, Elizabeth, was barren, yet she became pregnant with John the Baptist. Then when Mary birthed Jesus, there was the confirmation through the shepherds. And yet more confirmation of His divinity when he was 12.

Can you blame Mary? Radical, divine things had become her norm. What else could she do besides ponder and treasure these events in her heart? I think this is a lesson worth pondering ourselves. Whenever God confirms something for us or reveals Himself to us in an extraordinary way, we should lock it in our hearts. This is not to say that we shouldn’t testify to others of God’s goodness. But it is to say that we should treasure those divine moments within our hearts. We should reflect on His sovereignty.

In the Old Testament after God separated the Jordan River to allow Joshua and the children of Israel to cross over on dry land, they were instructed to build a memorial. The memorial was created so that God’s saving power would be remembered for years to come. Likewise, we should build memorials in our hearts to reflect and ponder on the great ways God has moved in our lives.

I personally like to journal. God has shown Himself to me in countless ways (no, literally countless!). So, although I treasure His words and actions in my heart, I also write it down as a record of His goodness. Granted, I can’t write everything down, but I journal what I can.

God and His revelations can be a bit much at times. Sometimes you just have to sit on what He said or did. Sometimes what God said seems too far-fetched. Too unrealistic. But isn’t that the kind of God we serve? A God who does far-fetched things?

God is a God who caused a virgin to birth a son. God is a God who caused an elderly, barren woman to bare a child. God is a God who raised people from the dead. God is a God who defined gravity when He walked on water and allowed Peter to walk on water with Him. God is a God who made a shepherd boy a king (David) and an orphan a queen (Esther). God is a God who thought sinners were worthy of Him becoming flesh and dying for their sins.

He is a far-fetched God. He always has been. So, don’t be surprised when you witness God doing something far-fetched on your behalf. Don’t be surprised if God causes you to pause, ponder, and treasure divine occurrences in your heart. Even after Mary was informed about Jesus prior to His birth, she still had to ponder and treasure things in her heart when the evidence of His divinity was displayed.

When God does a thing, no matter if you saw it coming or not, you will ponder just how holy His holiness is. How could you not? Lock it up and treasure it in your heart. There is nothing greater in this earth than the move, words, and confirmation of God. So, when you receive either of these things, take notes from Mary. Ponder them. Treasure them. And thank God that He gave you the opportunity to be a witness to His goodness and glory. Amen?

Alright you guys. That’s all. Have a splendid day and week. May God bless and keep you is my prayer. Lords willing, I’ll see you next week. Take care.


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