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Money On the Floor

On Valentine's Day, my daughter received a small cake and $5 in single dollar bills. She was thrilled… not about the money, but about the cake. I know this because as the week went by, her money ended up in places that proved she did not appreciate or understand the value of money.

Several times throughout the week, one of her single dollar bills found itself on the floor beneath her Mini Mouse table. Repeatedly, I told her to pick her money up. To put it in a place where money should be… her pop-purse… her piggy bank… anywhere but the floor because money is too valuable to be laid carelessly on the floor. Seeing that money on the floor made me think…

It's hard for people to see your value if they are ignorant of what or who you are.

Take David for example. God always knew who he was. David was always a king in God’s eyes. But he was only a shepherd boy in the eyes of everyone else. They were ignorant of his value. So, when the Prophet Samuel came to anoint the new king, David was disregarded.

Listen, reader. Never let anyone make you feel as if you aren’t valuable just because they are ignorant of your worthiness. That dollar bill on the floor is still valuable whether my daughter realizes it or not. King David was valued as a king regardless of his family valuing him as only a shepherd boy.

How others value you is not an indicator of your worthiness. In fact, how you view yourself isn’t even a great gauge of your value. Remember how both Gideon and King Saul did not think they were worthy of their positions? Yet, God thought they were worthy of it.

God is the only one who can accurately define your worth… and He thought you were worth dying for. God thought you were worth creating. He thought, in His infinite wisdom, that you needed to be here. That alone makes you worthwhile.

One day my daughter will know the value of a dollar. One day she won’t leave money on the floor. And I pray that one day, if you haven’t already, you will know what you are worth. That you won’t allow the world or the things in it to make you feel worthless. You are not to be cast aside. You weren’t created to be disregarded. You are to be a light in the darkness. You are meant to standout.

Know who you are. You are fearfully and wonderfully made—created in the image of God. Know whose you are. You belong to the Ancient of Days, the Great I AM—holy is His name. No matter where a dollar bill is… on the floor, in a wallet, in a bank… its value doesn’t diminish. Likewise, no matter where you are in life… happy, sad, successful... your value has not and will not diminish.

So, hold your head up and take on each day knowing your worth. Get up child of God. Get up and step into what God has for you to do in this life. You were created for such a time as this. Money doesn’t belong on the floor, and neither do you.


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