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Late Birds! Go Get Your Worm

"Early bird gets the worm." The validity of this phrase came into question Monday morning, as I was looking out the window from my recliner. I saw a small bird lightly hopping about with a worm in its mouth. It was almost 9:00 am, which isn't early in most people's estimations. But apparently it didn't have to be. Despite the time of day, and regardless of if there were other birds that came before it, that bird had a worm ... I understand the idiom doesn't imply that late birds don't eat at all, but rather that an early bird gets the best worm. And in a practical sense, I guess I agree. But in a spiritual sense, not so much. Recall David was the last son considered as the chosen king. His dad didn't even think enough of him to include him in the line up. He was "late" for the picking, and yet, he received the blessing as king. Esau was the first born to Issac. Per their custom, Esau should have received the birthright and blessing. Yet Jacob, the "late" child or the last born of the twins, was the child God chose to receive both the blessing and birthright. And Esther? She wasn't the first queen. God could have placed her on the throne first, but He didn't. She was placed there secondly after Queen Vashti, but she was used as a vessel to save the Jews. Were they not all late birds? And yet, they received the best worm? Dear reader, the world would have you believe that you must be the earliest, or the strongest, or the fastest, or the wisest. But neither that bird, nor David, Jacob, Esther, or many other of God's chosen people were any of these things... and yet, they received the blessing. You may not be the first to receive what you are praying for. Maybe you are tired of seeing other's get their "worms" and you are wondering if you are too late to get yours. But listen to me ...

It doesn't matter what time God's chosen people arrive on the scene, if they are in God's timing and in God's anointing, they will get the worm. Not only will they get the worm, but they will get the specific one God chose for them, which will be the very best one for them. Because my God will make it so that your particular worm won't even pop its head out of the soil until you are in the vicinity to pluck it.

So, in essence, it doesn't matter how early the other birds rose that Monday morning, that bird received the exact worm it was meant to have. And aren't you worth more than a bird? That's what Christ said in Matthew 10:31. If that bird received its worm "late", then it is not too late for you to receive yours.

Though you may believe it is too late to receive it, stay in prayer about it. Just as Jacob refused to let God go until He blessed him, don't you let go until you get your worm. It's not always easy to believe or pray when you think your time has passed by. But think of it like this. As small as that bird's brain is, it had enough sense (or faith) to look for that worm regardless of the time passed.

Surely, a bird's sense or faith isn't greater than yours. So, press on, pray on, and go get your worm. That's all I have for you today. Have a blessed day and week! If it's the Lord's will, I'll see you next week.


Quin Arrington is a Christian Writer and Author with books available on Amazon at ReplyForward

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