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Kill Them Softly With Sweet Fire

Sweet vengeance.

It's just something about getting that last lick. If we were living under the Old Covenant, we could avenge ourselves and our loved ones with no strings attached. That good ol' "eye for an eye" philosophy was not only accepted... it was law. But when Christ came and washed our sins away, He also washed the Old Covenant away. Christ told us to turn the other cheek when someone wrongs us.

Ugh! Why did Christ have to go and get rid of that particular philosophy? I mean, don't get me wrong, praise God we don't want to have to slaughter rams or doves to make atonement for our sins. However, turning that other cheek... umm

But... Christ said to be nice... so we have to be nice. Yet, there's something about being nice to our enemies that has a peculiar reverse vengeance. Romans 12:20 reads as follows:

Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head.

We see here that the Word of God tells us if we do good to our enemies, our good deeds will be like coals of fire on their heads. Sounds, like sweet vengeance to me...

Evil laugh: Mmmmmwwwwahahahahahah mmmmwwwwwwahahaha!!!!!

No, I kid. I kid.

But it's something to think about. If I were really nasty and mean to someone, but they were nothing but sweet and docile to me... quite frankly it would make me feel like crap. I would be very uncomfortable with how pleasant they were being towards me knowing how evil I was being towards them.

It would be as the Word of God says... it would be as if they were unintentionally heaping coals of fire on my head. Yet, this is a delicate matter. We are not to be nice to our enemies as a form of retaliation. We are to be nice to our enemies because that's what Christ commands. In Romans 12:19, God clearly states that vengeance is His. If we try to take revenge into our own hands it will back fire... kind of like this....

Yeah... that didn't turn out so good. But when I reflected on the subject of revenge, I realized that God is the perfect source for vengeance. He created your enemies, so He knows how to really hit them where it hurts. God doesn't want you to do His dirty work. He'll take care of it.

All you need to do is be nice. When someone spits nasty fiery words at you, you gently heap coals of hot fire on their heads. Kill them softly with sweet fire. No, don't be nice-nasty... you know what nice nasty is. It's when we say nice words with a nice smile on our face but with a nasty, snarky attitude behind it. No, Christ doesn't want you to be nice-nasty.

He wants you to just be nice. Genuinely nice. I know it's hard. I am preaching to the choir. But, I'd rather God do my dirty work for me than to have it backfire on me. I'd rather heap hot coals on their heads without the possibility of getting burned. Let's let our sweet fiery words burn the tops of our enemies heads. Eventually, it'll be too much to for them and they'll run away from your words and run smack into God's vengeance.

Yep, so if you want sweet revenge, kill them softly with your words.

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