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I Praised God in the Car After a Positive COVID-19 Diagnosis

I went to bed freezing in a hoodie while buried under the covers. I knew something was off. Sunday morning, I woke up with a throbbing headache coupled with dizziness and a dry cough. I couldn't get out the bed. I dropped in and out of sleep for 24 hours straight. It was such a drastic change from Saturday evening.

Saturday was a perfect Kodak moment in time. We decorated the Christmas tree while classic holiday tunes including Donny Hathaway's "This Christmas" and The Temptations "Silent Night" played in the background. My sweet little girl ran around the room with Christmas ornaments in her hands, trying to make sense of all the glitter and sequence. Later on that evening, we made hot chocolate and popcorn drizzled with white chocolate, red and green M&Ms, and pretzels. We then sat down as a family and watched Jingle Jangle on Netflix as the lights from the tree illuminated the room in a magical Christmas-spirit filled way.

It was so perfect that Saturday's festivities will go down as a family tradition in the Arrington household. But the coldness that crept in my body after the ending of such a beautiful night, was not so magical. After 24 hours of sleep on Sunday and not feeling much better by Monday, I decided to be tested for Covid-19 on Tuesday. The results came back positive.

Yet, when I pulled into the drive-way of my home after my diagnosis, I thanked God. I thanked God because I was feeling better than how I felt on Sunday. I praised God because I could've been on a ventilator. I praised God because my baby received a negative test result, although she is inseparable from her mother. I praised God because I had breath in my body to do so.

I praised God because I am not within the number of the 270,000+ souls lost due to this deadly virus. I thank God because I am in no way more worthy of living than anyone who has left this earth due to Covid-19. Yet, here I am. How can I not praise God?

So, yes I praised God in the car after I received a positive Covid-19 diagnosis. The uplifting gospel tunes that radiated throughout my car spurred my thankful disposition. I am still praising God today with a positive diagnosis and a positive spirit. I am well, despite a reoccurring headache and a dry cough. I am well, despite fatigue and a cloudiness of sickness. I am well, because God is gracious and worthy of car praise after a positive Covid-19 diagnosis.

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