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God's Purpose

“What’s my purpose?”—a legitimate question asked by many. If a seed was created to produce fruit, rain was purposed to water the earth, and the sun was meant to shine its light and provide warmth to earth’s inhabitants, surely you and I were created for a specific purpose.

The only way anyone will ever know their purpose is if God reveals it to them. I rationalize it like this: I compare us to phones. Whenever you purchase a mobile device, you know its basic functionality. You know how to text, call, browse the web, etc.

But sometimes, there are hidden apps and features on the phone that you know nothing about. Before a manual is composed, the only person who knows every function and hidden gem of that phone is its original creator.

Likewise, you may know your basic functionality. You may know some of your strengths and weaknesses. But God, your Creator, is the only one who knows everything there is to know about you. There could be gems hidden in you that you will never discover if you don’t seek the One who created you.

The deeper I fall into Christ, the more I learn about myself—be it good or bad. I remember when God first showed me a few undiscovered “apps” that He had downloaded into my being. I was like, “Are you sure that’s in me… because I don’t see it.” But God was right. Sure enough, it was in me.

The beauty of discovering hidden gems, talents, and strengths that God placed within you is undeniably stunning. It only makes me wonder what else is downloaded in me that I am unaware of. Before I leave this earth, I pray it is all revealed, but most importantly, I pray it is all used for His glory.

Yet, discovering individual purpose is not the purpose of today’s article. While it is vital, there is another purpose that is more important. And that purpose would be God’s purpose for us. Huh, Quin? Aren’t they the same?

No, not really. Let me place the referenced text here and I’ll explain.

But the Pharisees and the experts in the law rejected God’s purpose for themselves, because they had not been baptized by John.

(Luke 7:30 NIV)

God’s primary purpose for the Pharisees was salvation through repentance, confession, and baptism. God purposed in His heart to send His only Son to the world to save them. God purposed Christ to bear the sins of the world and to die for it. God then purposed the gospel to be preached to the four corners of the earth. All those that hear by faith usually then inquire what they must do to be saved.

From there you confess your sins and acknowledge that Jesus died, was buried, and resurrected for your sins. You are then baptized into Christ, where you are covered under God’s saving grace away from your sins. You are then granted eternal life through Jesus and Jesus alone.

That is what God purposed for all of mankind. He purposed that all may be saved. He purposed to degrade Himself from God to human, and then He purposed to die for sinners—some who may never love Him. Love and salvation for His creation was and still is God’s primary purpose for us all.

Now, here’s the thing. God’s primary purpose does not mean that you do not have individual purpose. On the contrary, we all have individual purposes and/or gifts (1 Corinthians 12). Some people’s purpose resides in music. Some people’s purpose lives in their gift of gab and influence. Some people’s purpose is immersed in art, giving, hospitality … you name it. The list goes on.

No matter the purpose, our duty is to use our purpose to fulfill God’s purpose. Here’s a slice of humble pie for both you and I. Take this by the mouth full.


Yes, we are bountifully blessed by aligning our purpose to God’s. But we must always bear in mind that our purpose is a kingdom purpose. Yet, the way in which you choose to use your gift/purpose is up to you.

Instead of writing to you about Christ every week, I could very well decide to write whatever I so choose. A gossip column, celebrity entertainment, short horror or erotica stories—anything my heart so desired. And you know what? I may receive a lot more support and accolades for doing so.

But why would I use my purpose for anything other than what it was meant for? You wouldn’t use a vacuum cleaner to mow your lawn because that’s not why it was created. So, why would you use your purpose for anything other than what God made it for? Aligning your purpose with the purpose of the One who gave you purpose is a match made in heaven, literally!

So, if you aren’t aware of what your purpose is, start with concentrating on God’s primary purpose. Make sure you have accepted Christ and are saved. Then, ask God in what capacity are you meant to shine your light in this dark world to bring His people back to Him.

If you don’t remember anything else from this article, remember this: God’s purpose 1st. Your purpose aligned under God’s purpose 2nd. And that my dear reader, is all I have for you today. I pray that you have a beautiful day and week. ‘Til next time. Be blessed and take care.


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