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What Are You Doing?

I had an eye-opening moment as I read Exodus 32 a week or so ago. This is the text in which Moses is on Mount Sinai with God receiving various instructions, including the laws of justice, Sabbath customs, and the 10 commandments.

God had just delivered the Israelites from Pharaoh in Egypt, but the Israelites become restless while waiting on Moses to come down from the mountain. Mind you, Moses was only on the mountain 40 days, but that was enough time for the children of Israel to serve another god.

Aaron was the man in charge while Moses was on the mountain. So, when the Israelites grew tired of waiting on Moses, they forsook Moses and God. Within a mere 40 days, the people asked Aaron if he would make them idol gods. Interestingly enough, Aaron agreed. Aaron built them a golden calf created out of the same gold God gifted them when they escaped Egypt.

The Israelites then declared that the golden calf was the god(s) that brought them out of Egypt. Aaron even announced that they were going to have a festival to the ‘Lord’ the following day. Just as planned, on the next day, the Israelites woke up and made burnt offerings to the golden calf. It was followed by a celebration of eating and drinking. Ain't that a trip?

So, as the account unfolds, God tells Moses to go down and see about his people because of the ridiculousness that was occurring at the bottom of the mountain. But you know what was most interesting to me? The most interesting part is that God was at the top of the mountain speaking to Moses about Aaron. God was telling Moses how He was going to consecrate Aaron for a special position.

“So I will consecrate the tent of meeting and the altar and will consecrate Aaron and his sons to serve me as priests. Then I will dwell among the Israelites and be their God.

(Exodus 29:44–45 NIV)

While Aaron was at the bottom of the mountain serving another god, God was at the top of the mountain making plans for him. Beautiful plans. Holy plans. Plans to set Aaron and his sons apart as consecrated priests for God’s chosen people… but Aaron was at the base of the mountain serving a golden calf.

And this scenario just made me wonder… what are we doing at the base of the mountain? We have no clue what God is planning in the heavens above for us. We don’t know what beautiful position He maybe setting up for us.

Could God look down and find us still trusting Him? Waiting for Him to lead us and show us the way? Or would God look down and see us worshiping a golden calf because He took longer than we expected?

The Israelites didn’t expect Moses to be on the mountain for 40 days. Aaron didn’t expect God to appoint him as an ordained priest. Had Aaron in the Israelites known God's plans, I'm sure they wouldn’t have done the things that they did. Uncertainty caused them to behave irrationally. Ambiguity caused them to serve a false god.

So, today I ask you, will uncertainty cause you to turn away from God? Will you replace God if your waiting time is longer than expected? God knows I pray that both you and I can be found steadfast and unmovable at the base of the mountain.

But as of today, right now in this season of your life, what are you doing at the base of your mountain? Waiting in expectancy? Complaining and murmuring? Serving God and others? What are you doing?

This is the question of the week. I will examine myself and pray that God is pleased with my behavior and attitude at the base of the mountain. I am asking that you please do the same.

That’s all you guys. ‘Til next time, have a blessed week.


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