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Secondhand Racism: The Distraction Didn't Work

On Monday, I experienced secondhand racism. I paused at that word... at her phrases. "Did she just say what I think she said?", I thought. Then out came that word again, spilling out of her mouth like rancid acid.

The words weren't directed towards me, but they were about my people. I was in earshot of her profanity laced rant, which expressed a serious disdain against people who don't look like her. People who are beneath her, said her tone.

And I couldn't believe it... but then again, I could. Black people, for some reason, are hated and frowned upon all over the world. But this article isn't about racial issues. It's about distractions.

I was having a great day in the Lord and with my children before this rant came along. Hearing hate in the midst of giving and receiving love was off-putting, but more importantly, it was distracting. Her rant nearly stopped me from walking in my joy. But we know, be it our joy, our faith, or our very lives, the enemy comes to steal it.

So, because I am not ignorant of his schemes, I didn't react in the way he had expected. In fact, I didn't react in the way I expected either. I am learning to trust God in all my ways. And if God is infinite in wisdom, then I have to trust Him at His word.

And God's word tells us to love both those who love us and those who don't. So, I prayed for her. Admittedly, that was not my first thought, but as I remained silent and contemplated, I knew I had to pray for her heart and for her ignorance. And so, I did.

All credit goes to the Holy Spirit. Indeed, that was not my doing. After I was led to pray for her, I resumed my day in joy. The distraction didn't work. And knowing that she was a pawn used in a higher plan aided me in my prayer all the more.

Dear reader, I wanted to share this experience with you so that you can remain alert. Distractions are all around us. They come in the form of people, places, and things. Yet, the deceiver behind them remains the same.

Look past what you see, hear, and feel and see matters for what they truly are. Don't be distracted. Keep your eyes on Him who is able to keep you in perfect peace. Be it racism, be it patronizing behavior, be it abuse, or be it sin, raise above it by looking towards the One who is above it all.

Through Christ, we can do all things, including praying for someone you may not want to pray for. Thanks be to God for His outstanding guidance. For in the end, Love will conquer all.

Have a blessed day, reader. If it's His will, I'll see you next week.


Quin Arrington is a Christian Wife, Mother, Writer and Author with books available on Amazon at

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