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Alligator Vibes

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Alligator Vibes??? What are you talking about now Quin?

Well, I was pondering as I always do, and I just so happen to think about alligators... I have no clue why, I just did.

I was listening to Tyler Perry in an interview on YouTube, and he spoke about how being the underdog is sometimes a good thing.

And then I thought about alligators.

Isn't it funny how from a distance people may mistake an alligator for a log? No one would think twice about a log drifting in the river. They would ignore it and move on with their activites.

But if they knew it was an alligator, they would have a change of heart.

They would realize the power of the alligator. The gator would command their full attention. Simply because no one ignores an alligator.

But what's even funnier is the alligator was an alligator the entire time... even if no one else realized it. Even if others only saw it as a log.

If people don't see your value. If they don't see your worth. If they don't see your talent. It's okay.

Let them view you as a log.

But when the right time comes, they'll realize that you were an alligator all along.

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