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A Lake Sailing Love

I’ll be brief today. But there’s something I need you to know. Do you recall what occurred in Mark 5? This book and chapter gives the account of the man who was possessed by the demon, Legion. I’ve read it a few times, but the last time I read it, I had a different revelation from the passage.

Jesus casted Legion out of the man, and Legion jumped into a herd of pigs who ran violently down a hill into a lake where they drowned. After the people of the town heard of the demon possessed man being sane and “clothed and in his right mind”, and after they heard of how almost 2,000 pigs simultaneously ran down a hill to their deaths, they were frightened. They were so afraid that they asked Jesus to leave.

So, He did, and He did not perform any miracles in that town aside from the miracle He performed for the Legion-possessed man… and then it hit me.

Christ knew beforehand that He would sail across a lake and be rejected by the people there. But He went anyway. Jesus boarded a boat, set sail across a lake, and performed a miracle for one man… but that one man was worth the effort to Him. That one man was enough.

I came here today to tell you that the love of Christ is a lake sailing love. It doesn’t matter if you are the only one on the shore. Our beautiful Lord and Savior will cross the lake to deliver a miracle just for you. He will cross the ocean for you. He was beaten, nailed to a cross, and died for you. There’s nothing He would not do for you. Because His love for us is never-ending and all-encompassing.

Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.

(Psalms 36:5 NIV)

That is all. I simply needed to remind you that Christ loves you. He simply cannot help but to love you because God is love (1 John 4:16). He is composed of love, and He exudes love because He is love. And love never fails (1 Corinthians 13:8). Therefore, God never fails.

So, let us rest and find assurance in a love that will love us even when we don’t love it back. Let us abide in a love that loves us even when we don’t love ourselves. Let us allow this ultimate love to overtake us, to consume us, and to show us what real love can do. Because only an authentic, unmoving, unconditional love, will sail across the lake for the likes of one man. Choose to rest in God’s love today—God’s splendid, overwhelming, lake-sailing love.


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Aliyah Curry
Aliyah Curry
Sep 15, 2021

A beautiful reminder of what God does for us, and what we should be for others!

Quin. A
Quin. A
Sep 15, 2021
Replying to

Absolutely! We should definitely return the favor of love to others ❤️

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